Torn between fantasy and reality, Natalie Kendrick wakes each morning on fire, haunted by passionate dreams of Alexander, the nineteenth century gentleman she believes saved her life fifteen years ago. But when living outside the erotic dream world they share becomes unbearable, she seeks the help of a dream analyst. The solution seems simple: dream suppressants. But can Natalie bring herself to forever shut out the only man she has ever loved--from her head, her life and her heart?

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The Awakening, by Rynne Raines - This one was my favourite!  I loved it.  The sex scenes were hot and the story of the immortal that fancies Natalie is so well-done!  The scene in the psychiatrist's office is funny and very character-revealing. Her agony over taking the medication and losing her dreams of Alexander was very engrossing, especially if one considers its brevity. Natalie and Alexander both feel right, real and believable (more or less, in Alexander's case) and that's an important thing for any book.  I still wish there was more of it to read!  (I did, however, wonder if Mrs. Raines has read Kate Chopin's seminal and controversial 1899 novel, The Awakening;  I have, and Mrs. Raine's book stands as an interesting title-mate to that book, which is about a woman's discovery of her own artistic, personal, and sexual powers.)

A sincere fan, Pandem



Alexander’s hands were like velvet cuffs binding Natalie’s wrists above her head. Gripping a fistful of her auburn curls, he imprisoned her beneath his weight. With the heat in his eyes nearly melting her, she writhed beneath him in false protest.

“Tell me what you desire, Natalie,” he said, his warm breath carressing her cheek.

Her head whipped from side to side as she tried to fight the intollerable urges his lust-filled teasing brought forth within her. Nearly breathless, she stared back at him. “You, I desire you.” Only he had the power to relieve her anguish, her mental and physical torment. Triumph flickered in his gaze and a wicked smile plagued his lips.

“As you wish, my lady,” he said in that sultry, deep voice that made her heartbeat quicken.

Fiercely he ravished her mouth while easing a knee steadily forward, parting her bare thighs. His cool slacks brushed her searing flesh, causing her to shiver with delight. Needing more than ever for him to satisfy her, she surrendered and let him venture further until he touched the tender ache between her open, defenseless legs.

Gasping, Natalie shot straight up in her bed and gripped her chest where beneath her heart pounded in quick, violent pulses. Her eyes flickered back and forth as she scanned her bedroom.


Tears welled in her eyes. She covered her face with her hands and took a shuddering breath. The intensity of these dreams was out of control and the pain she felt waking alone each morning was becoming unbearable. Surely, the vividness of the dreams and the resulting lonely ache would soon drive her insane. There had to be someone—anyone—who could tell her what her dreams meant.