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 Whips. Blindfolds. Restraints. And a man rumored to be the most skilled Dom in the city...

As the BDSM instructor at the hottest fetish club in Los Angeles, Bianca Alexander prides herself on being open, honest, and informative with her clientele when it comes to kink. The fact that she hasn’t knelt before a master of her own in four long years doesn’t affect her ability to teach, though a part of her longs to be back in her Dom's arms. But when her boss hires Cade Sinclair--her primary rival from a competing club--to assist teaching her classes, Bianca’s comfortable solo act becomes a sinful duet drenched in Pure Sin.

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9.5 From Seriously Reviewed

VERY NICE!!! What a wonderfully decadent tale of love, sex and bondage! This fantastic treat was a show stopper from start to finish with characters, plot and SEX that left me breathless!

Bianca really has her work cut out for her when she discovers who her partner is supposed to be :) A totally great story!

Ms Raines has done such a great job that I am ready to read this one again and anxious to find more of her work. I make my way out into cyber world to scout out other work's by this author you need to whet your DBSM appetite with this succulent bit that I promise will please!—Seriously Reviewed

5 out of 5 cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews

Lies and misunderstandings have kept Cade and Bianca apart for four long years. They work at rival clubs not knowing about each other until a fateful day when Cade sees her. Not realizing the effect she still has on him and hoping to get the closure he needs Cade makes a deal with Bianca’s boss Evan. As Bianca and Cade get reacquainted neither of them can resist the strong attraction to each other. Yet the lies and misunderstandings continue to dog the couple. Will they ever be able to find their happy ever after or will mistrust and their fear keep them apart?

Cade is the only man who can read Bianca and know just what she needs. Bianca is the only woman who has ever been able to make Cade lose control. The two seem to be made for each other and now if only they would let go of their pride and let their feelings show they could have everything. It seems that every time either one decides to let their guard down fate intervenes and the walls go right back up.

Rynne Raines writes a wonderful story with many ups and downs. Pure Sin is a fast-paced story that keeps the reader glued to the pages from the beginning. Cade and Bianca’s relationship is a very erotic read. With very strong elements of BDSM behavior in it this story is a hot read. This author does a good job of giving a glimpse into understanding the needs of Bianca and Cade and the depth of their emotions. I truly enjoyed this book and will be looking for more from Rynne Raines in the future.

You Gotta Read Rating from You Gotta Read Reviews!

Bianca Alexander loved the independence her job as a BDSM Instructor at Eden, one of the hottest fetish clubs in Los Angeles. When she was told by the owners that if she had a partner, the enrollment in their couples classes would increase, she was all for whatever would help the club. Her teaching partner was not just any teacher, only the hottest, most sought after Dom in the city, Cade Sinclair. Bianca just had to meet him face to face to make sure they were compatible. Oh, they were more than compatible, they were once Dom and submissive. Would they be able to put aside their past to make the future of Eden work?

Pure Sin was quite a tasty morsel. The interaction between Bianca and Cade was engaging. The kind of banter that makes you get angry at them both and refuse to talk to them until they come to their senses. Bianca and her refusal to trust her heart and Cade just assuming that everything would fall into place because he is Cade Sinclair. The sex they had had me thinking, "Hmmmm ... I wonder...". Ms. Raines did what most authors strive to do; grab the reader by the collar and make them want to continue turning the pages and tell those around them, "One more page. One more page."



Pure Sin

So this was Cade Sinclair’s idea of educating, was it? Bianca clenched her fists. Well, if he thought she would allow this type of behavior in her studio, he was in for a surprise. She narrowed her eyes and plotted his slow and painful death. No way in hell would she allow her classes and clients to act as a buffet to the man’s obviously insatiable ego.

“On your knees, slave.”

The warm whisper burned against the back of her neck and Bianca’s knees buckled. But it wasn’t the sensation of the breath against her skin that had her reeling. It was the voice. The low seductive drawl had coaxed her to orgasm several times in the past.


“I must be losing my touch. Never took you this long to obey an order before.”

Her lashes fluttered against her cheeks.

It was Sin all right.

Bianca turned on wobbly legs and wondered when her three-quarter-inch heels had narrowed to the width of toothpicks. She leveled her eyes with a tanned V of flesh bordered by the clean lines of a stylish charcoal dress shirt. It wasn’t necessary to see his face. She recalled the exact width, the masculine curve of his chest, the powerful shoulders. Every ounce of her being warned not to look up, yet she couldn’t stop herself. She slowly lifted her gaze and an invisible fist struck her in the solar-plexus.

God help her.